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Pratt & Whitney R-2060 Yellow Jacket

The Pratt & Whitney R-2060 Yellow Jacket was a liquid-cooled aircraft engine project developed for the United States Army in the early 1930s. The engine had five banks of four in-line cylinders, and displaced 2.060 cubic inches. Designed to produ ...


P.Z.L. WS Foka was a family of Polish air-cooled V-engines of the late 1930s. The Foka A was an 8-cylinder engine initially designed by Stanislaw Nowkunski for the modern P.Z.L. P.38 Wilk fighter-bomber and P.Z.L. P.39 fighter, it was to start a ...

Renault 438

The Renault 438, a.k.a. Coupe Deutsch 1934 was a specially developed racing engine, designed and built in France, for use in aircraft competing in the Coupe Deutsch de la Meurthe aircraft races.

Train T

The Train 2T, 4T and 6T were low power piston engines for light aircraft, produced in France. They were inverted, air-cooled in-line engines with the same bore and stroke, differing chiefly in the number of cylinders.

Aichi Ha-70

The Aichi Kokuki KK Ha-70 was a compound engine composed of two 1.700 hp 12-cylinder liquid-cooled inverted V-12 Aichi Atsuta aircraft engines mounted to a common gearbox. The only aircraft powered by the Ha-70 was the Yokosuka R2Y, an Imperial J ...

Franklin O-805

The Franklin O-805 was an American air-cooled aircraft piston engine, designed in the mid-1940s and was to be used in radio-controlled pilotless drones that were to be guided from an accompanying control plane. Due to project requirement changes ...

Klimov M-120

The Klimov M-120 was a Soviet prototype 18-cylinder liquid-cooled inline aircraft engine designed during the early years of World War II. Testing did not go well and it was cancelled in 1942.

Klimov VK-106

With the VK-105PF exhausting the potential of the M-105, Klimov prolonged its development into new VK-106 engine from 1941. Since air combat on the Eastern Front took place primarily at low altitudes under 4.000 m 13.000 ft the new engine was bui ...

Mikulin AM-37

The Mikulin AM-37 was a Soviet aircraft piston engine designed prior to Russias entry into World War II. An improved version of the Mikulin AM-35 V-12 engine, it was only produced in small numbers because of its unreliability.

Mikulin AM-38

The Mikulin AM-38 was a 1940s Soviet aircraft piston engine. It was a further development of the Mikulin AM-35 design. The AM-38 was used on the Il-2 Shturmovik and Il-10 ground attack aircraft. The AM-38 was installed experimentally in a MiG-3 a ...

Mikulin AM-39

The Mikulin AM-39 was a 1940s Soviet aircraft piston engine. Representing a high-output version of the AM-35A, AM-39 was used on the Mikoyan-Gurevich I-220 and Polikarpov ITP fighters, and the Tupolev SDB bomber.

Mikulin AM-42

The Mikulin AM-42 was a 1940s Soviet aircraft piston engine designed by Alexander Mikulin. Representing a high-output version of the AM-38F, the AM-42 was used in the Ilyushin Il-1 fighter, and the Il-8 and Il-10 ground attack aircraft.

Packard V-1650 Merlin

The Packard V-1650 Merlin is a version of the Rolls-Royce Merlin aircraft engine, produced under license in the United States by the Packard Motor Car Company. The engine was licensed in order to expand production of the Rolls-Royce Merlin for Br ...

Potez 6D

The Potez 6D is a French six cylinder inverted inline aircraft engine put into production after World War II in normal and supercharged versions. Unsupercharged, it produced a take-off power of 179 kW at 2.530 rpm.

Potez 8D

The Potez 8D is the largest member of the Potez D series of air-cooled piston aircraft engines which share several common features. It is a supercharged eight cylinder inverted engine with a take-off power of 373 kW.

Lycoming GSO-580

The Lycoming GSO-580 is a family of eight-cylinder horizontally opposed, supercharged, carburetor-equipped aircraft engines for both airplanes and helicopters, manufactured by Lycoming Engines in the late 1950s and early 1960s. The family include ...

Lycoming O-340

The Lycoming O-340 is a family of four-cylinder horizontally opposed, carburetor-equipped aircraft engines, that was manufactured by Lycoming Engines in the mid-1950s.

Potez 4E

The Potez 4E is a French air-cooled flat-four piston engine of the 1960s. It was unveiled at the 1959 Paris Air Show, entered production in 1960 and is rated at 78 kW. It remained in production until 1965 when Potez abandoned production of aero-e ...

Continental IO-360

The Continental IO-360 is a family of fuel-injected air-cooled, horizontally opposed six-cylinder aircraft engines manufactured by Continental Motors in the United States of America, now part of AVIC International since 2010. The engine is availa ...

Continental O-520

The Continental O-520 is a six-cylinder, horizontally opposed aircraft engine produced by Teledyne Continental Motors. First run in 1963 as a development of the IO-346, it has been produced in versions incorporating fuel injection, turbo-charging ...

Continental Tiara series

The Continental Tiara series are a family of air-cooled, horizontally opposed aircraft engines. Designed and built by Continental Motors/TCM, the Tiara series were commercially unsuccessful, costing the company millions of dollars.

Lycoming IO-720

The Lycoming IO-720 engine is a large displacement, horizontally opposed, eight-cylinder aircraft engine featuring four cylinders per side, manufactured by Lycoming Engines. There is a carburated version of the engine, that would have been design ...

Lycoming TIO-541

The Lycoming TIO-541 engine is a turbocharged, fuel-injected, horizontally opposed, six-cylinder aircraft engine featuring three cylinders per side, manufactured by Lycoming Engines. In the Tio-541 family of engines includes the Tigo-541 turbocha ...

Revmaster R-2100D

Valvetrain: Single overhead exhaust valve, single side inlet valve per cylinder. Cooling system: Air-cooled. (Системы охлаждения: воздуха-охлаждением) Fuel system: Single carburettor. Tillotson Floatless Carburetor. (Тиллотсон Карбюратор Floatless)

Borzecki 2RB

The Borzecki 2RB is a Polish air-cooled, four-cylinder, horizontally opposed, two-stroke, piston engine designed and built by Jozef Borzecki for use in motor gliders. First bench tested in 1970 the 2RB can be used in both tractor and pusher confi ...

RotorWay RW133

The RW-133 was developed in 1979 as an all-new piston engine for amateur-built aircraft, including a new crankcase oil system. The helicopter version features a dry sump oil system and a turbocharger option increasing power to 160 hp 119 kW. All ...

Hewland AE75

The Hewland AE75 is a lightweight aircraft engine that was manufactured in the mid-1980s by Hewland in Maidenhead, United Kingdom. The engine, a two-stroke inverted inline triple of 750 cc displacement, is liquid-cooled and yields 75 hp

KFM 112M

The KFM 112M is a four-cylinder, four-stroke, dual ignition, horizontally opposed aircraft engine designed for ultralight aircraft and motor gliders. The engine was developed and manufactured at FMC Komet flight motor aircraft motors division of ...

Limbach L2000

The Limbach L2000 is a series of German piston aero-engines designed and built by Limbach Flugmotoren. They are four-cylinder, four-stroke, air-cooled horizontally opposed, piston engines with a power output of 75 to 80 hp.

Limbach L2400

The Limbach L 2400 are a series of German piston aero-engines designed and built by Limbach Flugmotoren. It is a four-cylinder, four-stroke air-cooled flat piston engine typically between 93-130 hp power output.

Raven 1000 UL

The Raven 1000 UL is an American aircraft engine, that was designed and produced by Raven Redrives of El Prado, New Mexico for use in ultralight and homebuilt aircraft. The company seems to be out of business in 2017, and production ended.

Eggenfellner E6

The Eggenfellner E6 is a series of American aircraft engines, developed by Jan Eggenfellner and produced by Eggenfellner Aircraft of Edgewater, Volusia County, Florida for use in homebuilt aircraft.

Firewall Forward CAM 100

The Firewall Forward CAM 100 is a 100 hp four-cylinder, four-stroke liquid-cooled piston aircraft engine built by Firewall Forward Aero Engines. Originally designed and built by Canadian Airmotive as the CAM 100 and later marketed by The Cam-Fire ...

Firewall Forward CAM 125

The Firewall Forward CAM 125 is a 125 hp four-cylinder, four-stroke, liquid-cooled piston aircraft engine built by Firewall Forward Aero Engines. The engine is based on a Honda automotive piston engine.

Orenda OE600

The Orenda OE600 is a 600 hp-class liquid-cooled 8-cylinder V-block aircraft engine intended to re-introduce piston power to aircraft normally powered by the famous Pratt & Whitney Canada PT6 turboprop. The piston engine offers much better fuel e ...

Pegasus PAL 95

The Pegasus PAL 95 is a twin cylinder, horizontally opposed aircraft engine that was developed by Pegasus Aviation Ltd of New Zealand for use in ultralight aircraft. The engine is no longer available.

Stratus EA 81

The engine is based upon the Subaru EA 81 automotive engine. It is a four-cylinder four-stroke, 1.800 cc 109.8 cu in, liquid-cooled, gasoline engine design, with a belt-type reduction drive with a reduction ratio of 2.2:1. It employs electronic i ...

Stratus EJ 22

The engine is based upon the Subaru EJ 22 automotive engine. It is a four-cylinder four-stroke, 2.200 cc 134.3 cu in, liquid-cooled, gasoline engine design, with a belt-type reduction drive with a reduction ratio of 2.2:1. It employs electronic i ...

AeroConversions AeroVee 2180

The AeroVee engine is manufactured and marketed by AeroConversions, a part of Sonex Aircraft. In 2014, a turbocharger was developed as a $3.995 modification to existing AeroVee engines. The new turbocharged engine is rated at 100 hp.

Bailey B200

The Bailey B200 is a British single cylinder, four valve, four stroke aircraft engine, designed and produced by Bailey Aviation of Bassingbourn, Royston, specifically for paramotors, powered hang gliders, microlights and ultralight aircraft.

Cisco Snap 100

The Cisco Snap 100 is an Italian designed piston engine for use on paramotors and paragliders. Designed and built by Cisco Motors the Snap 100 is a two-stroke 96 cc capacity, single cylinder, lightweight engine with electronic ignition, producing ...

HKS 700E

The HKS 700E is a twin-cylinder, horizontally opposed, four stroke, carburetted aircraft engine, designed for use on ultralight aircraft, powered parachutes and ultralight trikes. The engine is manufactured by HKS, a Japanese company noted for it ...

ULPower UL260i

The UL260i series are all lightweight, four-cylinder, four-stroke, horizontally-opposed, air-cooled, direct drive engine designs that feature FADEC with multipoint fuel injection and dual ignition systems.

Viking 110

Data from Manufacturer Fuel consumption: 8.5gph max. Compression ratio: 10.4:1. (Коэффициент сжатия: 10.4:1) Power output: 130 hp 97 kW.

Adept 320T

Data from manufacturer. Cooling system: Liquid. (Система охлаждения: жидкостная) Fuel type: Avgas / Mogas / E15. Valvetrain: 24 Valve Quad Cam. Oil system: Dry Sump. Turbocharger: yes. (Турбонагнетатель: да)

Revmaster R-2300

The engine is based on the Volkswagen air-cooled engine. It is extensively modified for aircraft use. This modification consists of a quad CDI ignition 8 coils, new and enlarged #4 bearing, custom made crank shaft and cam shaft, custom made cylin ...

Haase (car)

The Haase was an American Veteran make of car produced by Northwestern Furniture Company in Milwaukee between 1902 and 1904. It was named after the company director at the time.

Peugeot Type 146

The engine of the car generated around 18 hp 13 kW, and has a speed of 75 km/h 47 mph. Carrying a full load, it can reach nearly 80 km/h 50 mph. The car, shown at a 1912 autoshow, carried a price of 13.000 francs. During the First World War, the ...

Allard Specials

Sydney Herbert Allard was the designer and manufacturer of a series of one-off competition cars produced between 1934 and 1939, the first of which was CLK 5. A total of twelve Specials were built before the outbreak of the Second World War, it is ...

DeSoto Airflow

The DeSoto Airflow was an automobile built by DeSoto during model years 1934, 1935 and 1936. DeSoto received the then-revolutionary Airflow model due to its price structure relationship to larger and more expensive Chrysler brand cars. The 1934 A ...