ⓘ Bunker Hill


ⓘ Bunker Hill

  • USS Bunker Hill CG-52, a Ticonderoga -class cruiser
  • USS Bunker Hill CV-17, an Essex -class aircraft carrier
  • Bunker Hill, a hill in the Boston neighborhood of Charlestown, after which the Battle of Bunker Hill was named
  • Battle of Bunker Hill, an American Revolutionary War battle fought near the hill
  • Bunker Hill Community College, a college in Charlestown, Boston

1. Other places in the U.S.

  • Bunker Hill, Indiana, a town in Miami County
  • Bunker Hill, Illinois
  • Bunker Hill Township, Macoupin County, Illinois
  • Bunker Hill, Amador County, California
  • Grissom Joint Air Reserve Base or Bunker Hill Air Force Base
  • Bunker Hill, Los Angeles, California, a district in downtown Los Angeles
  • Bunker Hill, Tennessee
  • Bunker Hill, Howard County, Missouri
  • Bunker Hill, Wisconsin
  • Bunker Hill, Morgan County, Indiana
  • Bunker Hill, Kansas
  • Bunker Hill, Washington
  • Bunker Hill, Fayette County, Indiana
  • Bunker Hill Millersville, Maryland
  • Bunker Hill, Stoddard County, Missouri
  • Bunker Hill, Lewis County, Missouri
  • Bunker Hill Nevada, a mountain in the Toiyabe Range
  • Bunker Hill, West Virginia
  • Bunker Hill, Washington County, Indiana
  • Bunker Hill Township, Michigan
  • Bunker Hill, Oregon

2. Other uses

  • Bunker Hill musician, American R&B and gospel singer
  • Bunker Hill Historic District
  • "Bunker Hill" Supergirl, an episode of Supergirl
  • Bunker Hill song, a 2003 song by the Red Hot Chili Peppers
  • Bunker Hill film, a film by Kevin Willmott
  • Bunkers Hill, Wolverhampton, an area of Wolverhampton