ⓘ Artist Lake


ⓘ Artist Lake

Artist Lake is a glacial kettle hole lake located in Middle Island, New York south of Middle Country Road in central Long Island.

Lake artist contains a variety of warm water fish, including perch and pickerel. This is also one of long Islands better water for crappie and perch.

Types of natural reproduction:

  • Largemouth Bass. (Большеротый Окунь)
  • Yellow Perch. (Желтый Окунь)
  • Bluegill. (Синежаберного)
  • Brown Bullhead. (Коричневый Подкаменщик)
  • Chain Pickerel. (Цепь Щучку)
  • White Perch. (Белый Окунь)
  • Pumpkinseed. (Семян тыквы)
  • Black Crappie. (Черный Краппи)

Access through the Park Brookhavens near the middle of the country road.

Route: route 25 to Middle island, the lake is on the South side of the road, opposite what used to Kmart.

Restrictions: hand launched boats are allowed, coastline, Internet access, but limited.

Artist lake has an irregular shape that was formed by melting chunks of partially buried glacial ice. A lake formed This way is called a kettlehole. Lake the artist has input and output streams. Thus, the water level depends on groundwater, which gradually changes during a period of dry or wet weather.

Lake artist three connected basins with a total area of 30 acres 120.000 m2. The largest and deepest basin is on the Eastern pool, which has a maximum depth of nine metres. The southern and Western smaller pools, particularly the West basin which does not exceed two feet in depth.

A large part of the shoreline of the artist are in private ownership. Public access available from middle country road route 25. A canoe or other hand Luggage boats can be launched from a small Brookhaven town Park on the South side of the road.

Fishing from shore is also possible. Theres room for five or six machines to remove the highway.

Artist lake is located on the route of NY 25 in middle island East of route Suffolk County 21.