ⓘ Rainish Eilean Mòr


ⓘ Rainish Eilean Mor

Rainish Eilean Mor is an uninhabited island in Loch Orasaigh, north of the village of Leurbost in the area of South Lochs on the Isle of Lewis, Lewis and Harris. At 27 hectares in extent, it is one of Scotlands larger freshwater islands, but it is probably the largest relative to the size of the body of water in which it sits, Loch Orasaigh being only about 125 hectares in area.

The whole Loch was a SSSI in 1983 and the perimeter of the island and the neighboring island to the South-West have forest cover, including species of Rowan, aspen, downy birch, grey willow and yellow Willow. The underlying Geology of Lewisian gneiss overlain by peaty podzols and gley.

In Gaelic the islands name, translated means "big island Rainish" and is taken from the surrounding space, which itself means "deer headland", from Norse.