ⓘ Equalizer


ⓘ Equalizer

  • Whippletree mechanism, a linkage also referred to as an equalizer
  • Equalizer communications, a device or circuit for correction of frequency dependent distortion in telecommunications
  • Equaliser mathematics, a construction in category theory
  • Equalizer audio, a device used in equalization for frequency-dependent processing of audio signals

1. Arts and entertainment

  • The Equalizer 2, a 2018 film based on the TV show
  • The Equalizer film, a 2014 film based on the TV show
  • The Equalizer, a 1985–1989 American action-adventure television series
  • The Equalizer 2020 TV series, the reboot of the TV show
  • Equalizer Datel, a game-hacking cheat cartridge by Datel
  • Dave Sullivan wrestler born 1957, American retired wrestler, stagename "The Equalizer"


  • "Equalizer" k-os song, a song by hip hop artist k-os
  • "The Equalizer", an NFL Films song by Sam Spence