ⓘ Fact (disambiguation)


ⓘ Fact (disambiguation)

  • Fact law, a statement which is found to be true after hearing evidence
  • Fact, a true proposition or something that makes a proposition true in philosophy; see truthmaker
  • Fact, a verifiable and objective observation in science
  • Fact data warehouse, a value or measurement, which represents a fact about the managed entity or system

1. Books

  • Fact US magazine, a former American publication that commented on controversial topics
  • Fact UK magazine, an online music magazine
  • Fact, a left-wing British magazine edited by Raymond Postgate
  • "Facts", a poem by Lewis Carroll

2. Music

  • Fact band, a Japanese post-hardcore band
  • "Facts", a song by H.E.R. from the album H.E.R.
  • "Facts" song, a 2015 song by Kanye West
  • "Facts", a song by Lecrae from the album All Things Work Together
  • Fact album, the self-titled album of Japanese post-hardcore band Fact