ⓘ Chasing the Devil


ⓘ Chasing the Devil

  • Genre: Horror
  • Chasing the Devil 2014
  • Starring: Challen Cates, Chris Devlin, Vivan Dugre, Elise Eberle, David Goldman, Ary Katz, Cory Knauf, Tim Phillipps, Stephan Smith Collins, Chris Yule
  • Description: Patrick McCord doesnt accept the explanation of his sisters mysterious death as suicide, and instead teams up with a team of paranormal investigators to delve deeper into the inexplicable circumstances that surround what he believes to be murder. The teams investigation leads them from one bizarre and frightening clue to another, at the center of which seems to exist something evil and terrifying, a presence well beyond their wildest imaginations and experiences.
  • Director: Mark Haber

1. Music


  • Chasing the Devil Tom Rigney 1997
  • Chasing the Devil: Temptation, studio album by Krayzie Bone 2015


  • "Chasing the Devil" by Concerto Moon Composed by Norifumi Shima
  • "Chasing the Devil" by Tom Rigney Composed by Tom Rigney
  • "Chasing the Devil" by Rick Wakeman Composed by Rick Wakeman