ⓘ Stargazing (disambiguation)


ⓘ Stargazing (disambiguation)

Stargazing refers to amateur astronomy.

Stargazing may also refer to:

  • Stargazing, a book by Peter Hill
  • Stargazing Live, a British television programme
  • Stargazing darter Percina uranidea, a species of fish

1. Music


  • Stargazing Alpha album, 2003
  • Stargazing Soren album, 2017


  • Stargazing EP, an EP by Kygo
  • Stargazing Live!, a live EP by Soren


  • "Stargazing", a song by Soren from Stargazing
  • "Stargazing", a song by Earlene Bentley featuring Sylvester
  • "Stargazing", a song by Leon Jackson from Right Now
  • "Stargazing" Kygo song, 2017
  • "Stargazing", a song by Alpha from The Sky Is Mine
  • "Stargazing" Travis Scott song, 2018
  • "Stargazing", a song by Tinashe from Reverie
  • "Stargazing", a song by Adeem from Sweet Talking Your Brain
  • "Stargazing", a song by Abramelin from Abramelin
  • "Stargazing", a song by Alisha from Alisha