ⓘ Kamalalawalu


ⓘ Kamalalawalu

Kamalalawalu was an Alii nui of Maui in ancient Hawaii, known to us today from the old chants.

He was the son and successor of the chief kiha-a-Piilani and Queen Kumaka and grandson Piilani and the Queens nephew Piikea.

Kamalalawalu married a woman named Piilaniwahine I and their children:

  • Umikalakaua son. (Сын Umikalakaua)
  • Piilani-Kapokulani daughter. (Piilani-Kapokulani дочь)
  • Kauhiakama son and successor.
  • Kaunoho I son. (Kaunoho я сын)
  • Kekaikuihaiaokekuimanono daughter. (Kekaikuihaiaokekuimanono дочь)
  • Kalakauaehu son. (Kalakauaehu сына)
  • Paikalakaua son. (Paikalakaua сына)

He was Kamalalawalu, who gives the name Maui-of-Kama on the island.

Petroglyphs thought to depict the defeat of Kamalalawalu by Lonoikamakahiki can be viewed at low tide near the temples on Kahaluu Bay.