ⓘ Mulielealiʻi


ⓘ Mulielealii

Mulielealii was an ancient Hawaiian High Chief who lived on the island of Oahu, and is mentioned in ancient chants and writings by Abraham Fornander. His title is Alii Nui.

He was the son of the master of Maweke and his wife Naiolaukea and was thus Tahitian origin.

His famous brother was the chief Keaunui, father Nuakea very high Chiefess, wife of Molokai.

Mother Mulielealiis niece Nuakea was Chiefess called Wehelani, who also married Mulielealii, and bore him:

  • High Chief Olopana, who had two wives and went to Tahiti.
  • High Chiefess Hainakolo, wife to a man named Keanini.
  • High Chief Kumuhonua, "King" of Oahu.
  • High Chief Moikeha of Kauai.