ⓘ Freeholder Party of the Czech Republic


ⓘ Freeholder Party of the Czech Republic

Freeholder Party of the Czech Republic is a centre-right conservative political party in the Czech Republic. The party considers itself to be a successor to Czechoslovak Traders Party. The party has one Senator.


1. History

SsČR was established in 2008. The party received 4 544 votes 0.19% in 2009 European Parliament election and thus won no seat. The party didnt take part in 2010 election and supported Civic Democratic Party instead. SsČR took part in 2012 regional elections received 1 seat in Liberec Region. Another member was elected as candidate of Christian and Democratic Union – Czechoslovak Peoples Party. SsČR received 13 041 votes 0.26% and no seat in 2013 Czech legislative election.

Billionaire Ivo Valenta was elected to Senate in 2014 as candidate of SsČR. Valenta became a sponsor of the party since then and negotiated an agreement between SsČR and Party of Free Citizens to participate in joint list for 2016 regional elections. The coalition received 2% nationwide but succeeded in Zlin region.

On 21 February 2017 Freeholder Party agreed to participate in 2017 Czech legislative election together with Civic Democratic Party. The coalition received 11% of votes and came second but Freeholders didnt receive any seats.