ⓘ Shimmy (disambiguation)


ⓘ Shimmy (disambiguation)

A shimmy is a dance move

Shimmy may also refer to:

  • Shimmy, a common nickname for the Hebrew name Shimon
  • Speed wobble, an oscillating instability in vehicle steering wheels
  • Shimmy TV series, a belly dance instructional television series

1. Music

  • "Shimmy", a song by Bruce Morrow L. Hampton, B. Morrow 1962
  • "Shimmy", a song by System of a Down from the album Toxicity
  • Shimmy Disc, record label founded in 1987 by Mark Kramer
  • "Shimmy Ya", a 1995 song by Ol Dirty Bastard
  • "Shimmy", a song by Amine 2020
  • "Shimmy", a song by Lee Allen Band 1956
  • "Shimmy" Janet Leon song, covered by Preeya Kalidas and Mumzy Stranger
  • "Shimmy", a song by Toussaint McCall 1972