ⓘ Nurture (album)


ⓘ Nurture (album)

Nurture is the upcoming second studio album by the American singer and electronic music producer Porter Robinson. Robinson has yet to announce a formal release date for the album. The albums lead single, "Get Your Wish", was released in January 2020, with the second single, "Something Comforting", released in March 2020.


1. Background

From 2015 to 2017, the years following his debut album, Robinson stated that he struggled to create music that he was proud of due to suffering from bouts of depression.

In 2016, Robinson released "Shelter", a collaboration with friend and fellow electronic producer Madeon. In 2017, Robinson unveiled his Virtual Self project, a eurodance and trance inspired production alias in tandem with a five track EP. He made it clear that he would not mix music between alias, and would not play an alias music while performing as the other.

In January 2020, he announced the album and the first single, Get Your Wish, from the album to be released the next day. The announcement was made along with a 52-second video that featured cryptic messages and hints, including an obscured Google Maps link, dates, and geographic coordinates. These messages and hints are a signature of Robinson, who frequently hides puzzles and clues in his promotional material, art, and music for his fans to decrypt.


2. Singles

The albums lead single, "Get Your Wish", was released on January 29, 2020 for streaming and digital download. A 7" vinyl press of the song was also put on sale on Robinsons website. The single features vocals by Robinson, which are pitched up and effected to sound more feminine.

The albums second single, "Something Comforting", was released on March 10, 2020. A 7" vinyl press of the song was again put on his website. The song featured both Robinsons pitched-up vocals and his chest vocal range.

In the Secret Sky festival he reveal a thrid song of his album called "Look at the sky"