ⓘ The Mi-ha


ⓘ The Mi-ha

"The Mi-ha" is the fourth single by Japanese singer/songwriter Chisato Moritaka. Released by Warner Pioneer on April 25, 1988, the single was Moritakas first foray in songwriting in her career. The song was used in a series of Pioneer answering machine telephone commercials featuring Moritaka.


1. Background

"Mi-ha" is a slang term for a person obsessed with following vulgar fads and trends and is not well-educated. It usually refers to specific young women, but can also be applied to men. The term was believed to have been originated from actor Chōjirō Hayashi in his 1927 film Chigo no Kenpō. Mi-ha is written in either katakana as "ミーハー" or in hiragana as "みいはあ".

Moritaka wrote "The Mi-ha" after being asked by her management to come up with some material. She commented that the cover photo is among her favorites.


2. Other versions

Moritaka re-recorded the song and uploaded the video on her YouTube channel on January 25, 2014. This version is also included in Moritakas 2014 self-covers DVD album Love Vol. 6. In addition, she recorded a newer version titled "Mi-ha 2015 Ver.", which was uploaded on YouTube on June 12, 2015 and included in Love Vol. 9.