ⓘ So Blue (Chisato Moritaka song)


ⓘ So Blue (Chisato Moritaka song)

"So Blue" is the 28th single by Japanese singer/songwriter Chisato Moritaka. Written by Moritaka and Hiromasa Ijichi, the single was released by One Up Music on February 19, 1996. The song was used as the opening theme of the TBS music series Count Down TV.


1. Music video

The music video features Moritaka performing the song at a dance hall with her band "Chisato Moritaka Lonely Hearts Club Band", which is a nod to her love of The Beatles music.


2. Other versions

Moritaka re-recorded the song and uploaded the video on her YouTube channel on August 16, 2013. This version is also included in Moritakas 2014 self-covers DVD album Love Vol. 5.


3. Personnel

  • Yuichi Takahashi – guitar, keyboard
  • Masafumi Yokoyama – bass
  • Yukio Seto – bass
  • Yasuaki Maejima – piano, Fender Rhodes, percussion
  • Chisato Moritaka – vocals, drums, piano