ⓘ How's My Ex Treating You


ⓘ Hows My Ex Treating You

Hows My Ex Treating You is a song written by Vic McAlpin and originally recorded by Jerry Lee Lewis, who released it as a single, with "Sweet Little Sixteen" on the other side, in 1962 on Sun Records.

Hank Williams, Jr. released his version, sounding "very much like Lewiss without a flashy piano", in 1977 or early 1978.


1. Background

The circumstances of writing this song as recalled by Vic McAlpin are described in the Roger M. Williamss book Sing a Sad Song: The Life of Hank Williams:

was sitting in Linebaughs restaurant, a country music hangout in Nashville, when singer-composer Roger Miller walked in. After exchanging hellos, McAlpin asked jokingly, "Hows my ex-girl friend treatin you?" "About like shes treatin you," Miller replied.

"That really hit me," recalls McAlpin. "I jumped up, got a pencil, and wrote eight lines of a song based on that on a napkin. Then I turned the napkin over and over and wrote eight more. Jerry Lee Lewis recorded it, and it sold over a hundred thousand."