ⓘ Let's Talk About Us


ⓘ Lets Talk About Us

Lets Talk About Us is a song written by Otis Blackwell and originally recorded by Jerry Lee Lewis, who released it as a single, with "The Ballad of Billy Joe" on the other side, in July 1959 on Sun Records.

Billboard chose the single as a "spotlight winner of the week". The review stated that the single contained "two fine sides", either of which "could go" and that Jerry Lee Lewis could "hit the comeback trail" with the songs. "The Ballad of Billy Joe" was described as a "strong ballad effort, akin to Dont Take Your Guns to Town", and "Lets Talk About Us" as a "rhythm item more in normal style".

The song has been covered by a number of artists, including Otis Blackwell himself, Dave Edmunds, and Van Morrison in duo with Linda Gail Lewis.