ⓘ I'm So Thankful


ⓘ Im So Thankful

Im So Thankful is a song written by Marc Gordon and Frank Wilson, and released by The Ikettes on Modern Records in 1965. It was the fourth single from The Ikettes debut album Soul The Hits, and became their second R&B hit of the year following "Peaches N Cream."


1. Critical reception

The record was chosen as Cash Box s August 7, 1965 Pick of the Week:

The Iketters are a cinch to create a tremendous sales-stir with this in both the pop and r&b markets. The top lid here, "Im So Thankful" a slow-shufflin romantic ode about a love-sick gal who is on cloud nine since she met the fella of her dreams. Undercut, "Don’t Feel Sorry Me," is a hard-driving blues twister about a jilted lass who claims happy that her romance went kaput.