ⓘ StaJe


ⓘ StaJe

Justin Payne better known as StaJe, is an actor, songwriter and musician based in Los Angeles, California. StaJe moved from an interest in football to poetry, but now combines acting with modeling and music. The multi-faced artist has a very unique style of articulating his message through his lyrics in a poetic, yet soulful gesture. He does not consider himself a rapper nor a singer but yet, just an artist.


1. Musics Career

On May 18, 2020, StaJe released a new single" 4AM in K. Town". He has recorded many other songs which include, Nightmares, Afraid, Swedish Tuck, War ft Goddi, Gutterbitch ft Goddi, Redlight ft Elle Loraine, Edge


2. Movies

StaJe has featured in several movies, including the 2016 action and crime movie, "Bloody Hands", which won the United International Film Festival Awards, UIFF, for "Best Trailer".