ⓘ Ava Bahram


ⓘ Ava Bahram

Ava Bahram is an Persian singer and songwriter. She was one of the students of Mohammad Sedghi goftar, known as Professor Ahmadzadeh, and gained her music knowledge by attending professor Ahmadzadehs classes. She is also a graduate of Agricultural Engineering from Iran Azad University. Designing, supervision and naming Laleh and Ladan Park in Tehran is one of the construction projects by Ava Bahram.

Ava Bahrams music has been released under the label of Avang Music, King Records and Radio javan.

Due to her innate talent and interest in music, she grew rapidly in music & From her teens she was a teacher of piano, singing, and surfer, She is one of the most successful women artists in Iranian society. Ava Bahram has performed live on various stages, including on Manoto TV, BBC Persian and gem TV.

In 2014, Ava Bahram became famous with the song roozhaye tanhaei, which was released as the title track of the Turkish series Fatmagul.

In 2017, Ava Bahram gave a live performance as the musical guest star for the finale of the popular Manoto TV talent show Stage.

She has moved outside of Iran because of the conditions and the ban on the singing of women. She relocated to UAE - Dubai in 2010, then to turkey in 2016, She has a personal website, instagram page and telegram page where you can see all her Artwork,