ⓘ He Said, She Said


ⓘ He Said, She Said

He Said, She Said refers to differing unsubstantiated accounts of an event from a man and a woman. As the title of a creative work, it may refer to the following topics:


1. Film and TV

  • He Said, She Said film, 1991 romantic comedy film starring Kevin Bacon and Elizabeth Perkins.
  • "He Said, She Said" Brooklyn Nine-Nine, an episode of the sixth season of Brooklyn Nine-Nine
  • "He Said, She Said", an episode of the animated television series I Am Weasel
  • "She Said, He Said", prequel to "The Name of the Doctor", an episode of the television series Doctor Who
  • He Said, She Said game show, an American game show hosted by Joe Garagiola
  • He Said, She Said TV series, a Canadian cooking show

2. Music

  • "He Said She Said" song, a 2006 song by Ashley Tisdale
  • "Break Stuff", a 1999 song by Limp Bizkit that has he said she said in its chorus
  • He Said She Said, a 2010 album by Sue Foley and Peter Karp