ⓘ Shelf


ⓘ Shelf

  • Continental shelf, the extended perimeter of a continent, usually covered by shallow seas
  • Ice shelf, a thick platform of ice floating on the ocean surface

1. Places and entities

  • Shelf organization, a UK health services organisation
  • Shelf corporation, a company or corporation that has had no activity
  • Shelf, West Yorkshire, a village in England

2. Other uses

  • "Shelf" song, a 2008 song by the Jonas Brothers
  • Sulphur shelf, an edible mushroom
  • Light shelf, a reflective element placed outside of a window to enhance room illumination by natural light
  • Shelf computing, a user interface feature in the NeXTSTEP operating system
  • Shelf life, the length of time that perishable items are considered suitable for sale or consumption
  • Shelf registration, a registration arrangement for the sale of securities